Mike Tyukanov (mtyukanov) wrote,
Mike Tyukanov

Circle of clichés

Tom Payne's guide to the words that reviewers and publishers love too much
My favourites:

achingly beautiful

anything-fuelled – narratives of a new, edgy type of fiction sometimes called Britfic tend to be fuelled by a range of uppers – amphetamines, caffeine, cocaine, Robbie Williams

darkly comic (cf wickedly funny)


emotional rollercoaster

epic – as if synonymous with "long"

high-octane – of the fuel needed to keep thrillers going at breakneck speed

pure/complete unadulterated bliss/codswallop

tour de force (of literary scholarship) – the minimum length for a tour de force, not including notes, bibliographies and appendices, is 400 pages


uncanny resemblance

wickedly funny – less dark than darkly comic

RTWT, as they say in blogs
Tags: arts&letters, language

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